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BPC Cross Country Course Information

BPC have a fantastic Cross Country Course which may be trained on only by following the rules set out below.  Please adhere to these conditions otherwise the course may well be closed indefinitely to everyone.


The rules for the use of the x/country:


Being a BPC member does not give you automatic access to any equipment owned by the BPC or to the X/C course.


BPC members may ride on the x/c course however, PERMISSION MUST BE OBTAINED FIRST.  

You obtain this permission by sending through an email to the stating who the riders are going to be, who the instructor (minimum NCAS Level 1) will be with them & the date of wanting to ride on the course.




If an instructor is taking riders out onto the x/c course & they have ONLY BPC members, they are not required to pay any fee.

If they take ANY rider who is NOT a BPC member but is a BEC affiliated Club member, then the fee of $20 is to be paid to the BPC, along with the $2 riding fee which is payable to the BEC. 

A copy of a Horse Health Declaration is to be provided each & every time a member comes onto the grounds.

There is a slot in the BPC office door where the  monies can be placed or alternatively paid by EFT into the BPC General account.

A safety inspection should be carried out by the instructor for each & every jump prior to schooling over them.  This is up to the instructor to carry out this inspection & if any damage etc is noted, this needs to be communicated back to the Committee via the email address as a matter of urgency.


Any person outside of BPC, NDHD & BWPC wanting to train on the x/c is required to obtain the relevant permission prior to coming onto the grounds.  

One of these requirements for outside hirers is to have a minimum of  10 riders & they are to pay the hire fee PRIOR to coming onto the grounds.  


This is one of the reasons why we have the Open X/C training days to accommodate people outside of the BEC Clubs but also so we can keep the integrity of our x/c course in tact.  


If you have any questions/queries regarding any of this, please get in touch or if you are after the BPC account for fees to be paid to, again please contact us & we will provide you with the relevant information.




On behalf of the BPC Committee

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