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How To Nominate...

Pony Club events can usually be nominated 1 of 3 avenues. 

The respective Clubs' Program will state which way they are accepting nominations. 

1)     If the Program says for example "all nominations online using the Just Go portal".  A credit card will be required to pay for your nomination.

2)     If the Program says for example; "nominate through", then you will need to go to this website to nominate.  A credit card will be required.  You can "sign up" with this site in advance to have your details pre-entered.

3)     If the Program says for example; "email nominations through and direct debit money", then you will need to download the 2019 BPC Nomination Form.  We are currently experiencing a glitch with this nomination form on the internets mobile phone view.  Therefore please email the Nominations Secretary for the up to date form.

Account for direct deposit payments (Nominations only):

BPC Nominations Account

BSB: 034-114

A/C: 110967

Ref:  Your surname

If you scratch from an event, you must let our Club and the host Club know as a courtesy.  The Nominations Secretary will not know if you need a refund if you don't tell them.  If the Club has to pay for your nomination, YOU need to pay for your nomination.  Only a vet certificate or doctors certificate will get you a refund once the draw is completed.

State nominations must also be signed by the Secretary and the Chief Instructor, so allow time for this please.  You must have completed the required number of musters (generally 3), to compete at state and interstate events. 

Another requirement to attend state and interstate events is to be up to date with your Proficiency Certificate.  Riders 12 and under, must have their D Proficiency Certificate.  Riders 13 and older must have their C Proficiency Certificate to ride at state events.  Their is also an age limit to when you can start competing at state events.  If you wish to pursue this, please contact the Chief Instructor.  Certificate work is taught to riders at different times throughout the year and mainly completed at musters.

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