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BPC - Survival Guide 

A message from our Club Secretary......


Hi everyone,

Attached is a copy of the Survival Guide & the BPC By-Laws for all members to read.


Please ensure you familarise yourself & if you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in contact & we will answer them as best we can for you.


As competitions are being held nearly every weekend now, please do not forget to send your results through to Karla so then you are not chasing around at the end of the year to remember the details for our end of year trophies.  The onus is on the rider to provide the details to Karla, it is not up to Karla or the Committee to chase up your results throughout the year.  The BPC website now has a form under the "Club Points" page with all of the required information for submitting your points from competitions.

Karlas email is  


A reminder also that any financial member who is on Facebook, to ensure that you have joined the BPC Members facebook page so we can keep you up to date with events etc.  Do not worry if you are not on Facebook as I will continue to email the same information out as is placed on the Facebook page so no one misses out.  This Facebook page is ONLY for financial members & anyone requesting access who is not a financial member, will not be accepted to the group.


I am also including a link to the PCAQ website for some of the various policies that are currently in place which BPC abides by.  All members are reminded to ensure they also abide by these same policies.

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