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1st Riding Family member - $120

2nd Riding Family member - $100

3rd Riding Family member etc - $90

Social Membership - $40

Working Bee Levy for new members - $200 (this can be paid in installments after organising a payment plan with the Treasurer Barry Dossetto)

Burpengary Pony Club would like to thank our sponsors - please support the business who support our club Click Here to see a full list

 Indoor Arena  bookings - Mobile : 0409328314 Texting Preferred)

 A reminder that BPC members are required to have 3 muster attendances (and be involved in the muster in a ridden capacity) to be eligible for trophies at Club and Zone level at the end of 2015. These musters must have been attended between Feb and November 2015. Ribbon Days do NOT count as musters. The muster book is available at each muster so you can see how many musters you have up.

Families must have 20 working bee points up to avoid paying the working bee levy in 2015, and riders are only eligible for end of year trophies if they have their working bee points up. It is expected that each family will do part of thier working bee hours helping in the canteen.

Please note that the only night riding facility at the BEC grounds is the indoor arena. No night riding on the grass, thank you.

2014 Trophy Criteria is now available on the 'About us" page

Please also note: In regards to the use of the BPC cross country course, members of BEC clubs may use the course ONLY if they fill in a wavier form (on the PC office door) and pay a fee of $10 per person per use towards the maintenance and up keep of the course. Members must use appropriate safety equipment and use the course at their own risk. BPC members can use the course at any time with no fee, also at their own risk with appropriate safety equipment.

Outside instructors may apply through BPC committee (secretary) to hire the course on a case by case basis dependent on the course being 'open' as it closes for various reasons during the year, and is not available when other BEC clubs have events on the grounds.

 "I didn't know" is not a valid excuse. There is a website, Facebook page and each club will be notified of any course closures. It is the rider’s responsibility to check on the course being open. It is the responsibility of each rider to pay cross country fees at time of use.There are no loop holes or ways around it. Just be honest and do the right thing. Thank you. BPC members do NOT pay these fees.


Please remember when bringing horses to Pony Club, that baling twine is not gear. Please check
your gear regularly to ensure that you do not equire baling twine to repair your gear as it will
not be allowed either at musters or at competitions. If you are using baling twine as a piece of gear, please consider purchasing or borrowing the correct piece of equipment to a void the disappointment of not being able to ride at Pony Club.

Always ask around at Pony Club if something happens or you need to try a piece of gear - someone is always happy to lend you something that they are not using. We aim to make Pony Club as friendly and as safe as possible :)